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T-shirt plastic garbage sorting bags

  • T-shirt plastic garbage sorting bags
  • T-shirt plastic garbage sorting bags
  • T-shirt plastic garbage sorting bags
T-shirt plastic garbage sorting bags


Quick Details

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Model Number:garbage bag

Surface Handling:Gravure Printing


Daily production:5-10 tons


Skype +86 13558780113


eco friendly 100% biodegradable compostable T-shirt plastic garbage sorting bags

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Allowable error range of customized delivery qualified products
Pattern error 1. The bag is industrial printing, not computer printing. It is inevitable that the printing is not clear during the printing process, but this situation is rare and normal.
2. There is a color difference between industrial printing frequency color and computer display custom color (±20%). The difference between black, blue and green is small, but the color difference cannot be avoided 100%.
3. The pattern is made according to the final drawing of the customer, without reference to others.
4. Do not contact with high temperature above 60 degrees, otherwise it will cause discoloration and no high temperature. Please put it in the dining box or object printed video and put it in.
Thickness The bag belongs to industrial printing. The industry allows a certain error range. The size error may exist (within 1cm, ±0.5cm). The thickness error is about ±15%. The weight of a single bundle is from stock. The specification is ±5% of the reference error (it is recommended to weigh more bundles). If there is a special size and precise requirements, data can be provided to the customer service separately.
materials Our biodegradable compostable plastic sorting garbage bag series is a perfect substitute for traditional plastic bags. The raw materials used are 100% food raw materials, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, healthy and green. (There will be a normal plastic smell and a touch of food and safe to rest assured). It can be decomposed in ideal composting environment for 45 days. Our raw materials, inks and finished products can ensure that any items we produce will be decomposed and will not harm the environment in this process!